I believe that spirituality is the essence of human existence. It is the peak of human possibilities. Yoga, as a medium to a balanced spiritual life, has transformed my purpose in life. I am a professional yoga practitioner and trainer in London for over 26 years. I trained in a Yoga teacher’s facility, followed by Yoga Therapy for various conditions, including Pregnancy, Meditation, and Holistic Remedial Massage. I dedicated my life to serving people by contributing to wellness practices at  Ayurvedic Hospital, centres for the disabled, schools, and Yoga Therapy centres. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say, I have evolved with yoga, and yoga has been evolving within me. I helped people with various needs. During my years of extensive practice, I discovered how different people seek different solutions through the medium of yoga. That’s when the idea sparked!

I envisioned a holistic wellness centre that can be a relaxing home away from home for people seeking yogic therapies. I often visited India and this land of spiritual excellence awakened an inner voice that inspired me to make my dream a reality on this very holy soil of Girnar hills, Junagadh at the banks of River Dhrafad. With immense passion and gratitude to the universe, PurnaShakti was born to guide and help the people who seek a spiritual way of life. “Purna” means complete & “Shakti” means divine strength or power. The two words are put together to give the name “PurnaShakti” Holistic Wellness.

At PurnaShakti, you will receive a wholesome experience to nourish your body and soul. A balanced diet along with a customized set of practices will grant you phenomenal empowerment. When all your energies are escalated to a level of profoundness, you shall be able to experience a paradise within yourself.

Jyoti Gudka
Yoga & Massage Therapist BRCP
Founding Director