According to the basics of the Naturopathy style of cure, the human body is made up of five natural elements namely, Space (Akash), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal), and earth (Prithvi). All the ailments can be cured by balancing these five life energies.

In Naturopathy, we educate and emphasize on benefits of conscious simplicity in one’s lifestyle. With a correct set of habits that aligns with the law of Nature, one can lead a long-lasting healthy, and blissful life.


Massage therapy is used for Increasing blood circulation, curing lymphatic drainage, and skin dysfunction. It activates the nerves, muscles, joints, and sense organs, stimulates the immune system, energy, stamina, and vitality, tones and relaxes the whole body, and reduces the aging process.


Water is one of the five elements of the body, has powerful remedial properties. Hydrotherapy uses different forms, temperatures, and pressure of the water to cure diseases.


A steam bath is an excellent method to detoxify the skin. It also aids in other benefits like improving overall blood circulation, skin health, workout recovery, loosening stiff joints, reducing stress, opening the sinuses, burns calories.


Earth is also an element of Panchmahabhutas (five basic elements of the body). Over time, science has proven the health benefits of certain types of moistened mud. The mere touch of the earth rejuvenated and balances one’s life energies (Prana Vayu in yogic terminology) by eliminating toxic substances from the body.


A healthy life is all about balancing what goes inside and what comes out of the body. In our busy lives, we often ignore the significance of cleansing the body and the mind. Periodical detoxification with diet precautions and additional therapies goes a long way. Only when we give time and space to our body, it shall release its toxins and restores its abilities.


Mithara is a well-established philosophical concept in yogic science that means moderate intake of food and water. It integrates awareness about food, drink, balanced diet, and other consumption habits and their effects on one’s body and mind.
Eliminative diet
Soothing diet
Constructive diet
Therapeutic fasting